Latest Technology

Digital Images

s-braces2We offer one of the latest technological advances in orthodontics with digital radiography, also known as digital X-rays. A wireless sensor is placed in the mouth, and a computer generates an image in 30 seconds as opposed to the general 4-6 minute wait time for images taken on dental film. These X-rays can also be enhanced on the computer and enlarged.

Not only are they friendly to the environment, they are much safer than traditional X-rays. Digital radiographs reduce a patient’s radiation exposure by 90%!

This is offered only in our Fort Collins office.

Lythos Digital Scanner

The Lythos Digital Scanner, created by Ormco, is a handheld, intra-oral, 3-D imaging device used to gather the most precise images of patients’ teeth, gums and oral structures. These digital images replace the uncomfortable, unpleasant-tasting, messy, and sometimes inaccurate, traditional putty impressions. No bulky trays or sticky putty needed!

With both speed and comfort, the orthodontist is able to digitally photograph a patient’s entire oral cavity in an average of 7 minutes. The office is then able to store these digital images for up to 10 years!


AcceleDent is a revolutionary device that is used to speed up tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. The pulsing vibrations encourage teeth to move faster, which can lead to a shorter overall treatment time!

Spark ALigners

Learn more about Spark aligners by visiting their website

Ultra Low Dose Radiation CBT Digital X-Ray