Patient Testimonials

The following are actual testimonials and have not been fictitiously written to mislead the person(s) reading this. To protect the privacy of our patients and their families, we choose not to provide last names.

"Dearest Dr. Sherick and his amazing staff!

My family and I have been facing some big, life changing struggles and decisions that would mean relocating to another state.  The biggest reason for us initially deciding to stay was Dr. Sherick and his staff.  They are the best at what they do.  Always greeting with a smile and treating my daughters as their own. I highly recommend them. 

Unfortunately, we are having to relocate and will truly miss Sherick Orthodontics.  Thank you everyone for your amazing, above and beyond services.  You will be missed. " - The Pattersons, Estes Park

"Great staff, from the front to back.  I always enjoy coming down, wouldn't change a thing-Great Job!" -  Brett R., Estes Park

"Best experience! So much better than our other experience with ortho with my son. Thank you!" -  Julee G., Loveland

"Dr. Sherick is obviously doing something right!! You don't encounter the atmosphere of this office in other places. It clearly is exceptional!  And to give kids gift cards for good care shows that you care about the patients." - Debbie M., Estes Park

"I tell everyone I know that this is the place to go for braces!!" - Stacey F., Loveland

"Everyone is always pleasant and so courteous. You guys are great!” – Karrie V., Fort Collins

"Two and a half years of GREAT people and good experiences. Keep up the good work!" – Tammy F., Loveland

"We refer everyone here! Best ortho office in Northern Colorado! We could not have asked for a better experience! Love you guys." – Tamara B., Loveland

"It has meant a great deal to me as a mom that Dr. Sherick imparts his wisdom and life experience on those young kids. I hope he knows he is impacting them." – Veronica H., Loveland

"The best! I wish other doctors’ offices would come and check you out and learn from you." – Cindy M., Loveland

"Our experience, mine and Esa's, has been a consistently positive one – convenient, professional, accommodating and fun, all rolled up in one awesome ball! We are grateful for your experience, ability and commitment to making the "braces" experience the best one could hope for. Thank you!" – Lizbeth B., Estes Park

"Thank you to everyone! You all are the most wonderful individuals!" – Ahriah S., Fort Collins

"I wouldn't change anything. You succeeded in your goal of being the best office we've ever visited for any type of health care service." – Leona L., Estes Park

"It has been an easy and very pleasant experience, very comfortable. Keep doing what you're doing!” – Amy A., Loveland

"Thanks so much for your patience and understanding of our busy work schedules and my son's sports and school schedule." – Jen F., Fort Collins

"From the very first consultation to the last appointment, the staff and the process has been professional and helpful. The easy way that staff engages teens and pre-teens is most commendable." – Andrea S., Loveland

"Thank you for all of your help and support through this process!" – Lorna H., Loveland

"Office staff is always so friendly and helpful. If we arrived early, we were seen early. Treatment area layout is comfortable. Loved that I was always able to watch. Treatment staff never minded answering questions. Dr. Sherick made Lilly feel at ease. Even the financial consultation was courteous and friendly. Appreciated the toothbrush – I wouldn't have known what to get. Such a great experience!" – Debbie O., Loveland

"Thank you a million times. You were all wonderful!" – Missy L., Brighton

"I have always felt you had the kids’ best interests at heart. The other thing I really always liked was that you let the kids know the expectation of care, but did it in a kid-friendly way." – Angela M., Loveland

"We can't thank you enough for the great care you have given our boys! I also really appreciate the GRACE Terri gave me a year or so ago when I completely spaced out 2 appointments. And I know my husband and I both are grateful for the pastor's discount you gave us over the years. A huge blessing!" – Cindy G., Fort Collins

“Before my oldest child had braces, we asked for recommendations from Dr. Davis. Then we took Christian and Evan to consultation appointments at those recommended orthodontists. Dr. Sherick did the most thorough consultation, and the kids liked him the best." – Tracey S., Fort Collins

"Thanks for all you have done for our boys!!" – Carl and Marla M., Fort Collins

"Other orthodontists wanted to do an expander. Dr. Sherick said it was not necessary. Loved his philosophy of... doing braces one time. So many friends are doing 2 times." – Susan B., Fort Collins

"I appreciate Dr. Sherick's advice when deciding what to do, giving us options and cost options and more conservative approach to braces." – Debbie S., Loveland

"Thank you! Both Emarie and Delaney got excellent care and now have incredible smiles." – Melinda N., Fort Collins

In response to a survey question, “What did you like best about the office?”

"Other than everything??? And every person on staff?? The thing that comes to mind first is Dr. Sherick's great rapport with his patients.  All three of our kids-spanning at least 12 years (not continuous) with this office-have received such excellent care here.  Every single staff person is knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful.  Neither I nor my kids ever had to worry.  All processes run so smoothly." -  Lisa P., Fort Collins

"The staff is so personable and nice.  My kids feel very comfortable here." - Stacey F., Loveland

"Everything – friendly staff – always greeted me by name, not having to wait, even when I got here early a few times and was taken back almost as soon as I got here. I appreciated Dr. Sherick and staff explaining things in simple terms." – Kim T., Fort Collins

"Very friendly staff and Dr. Sherick. Hannah felt very comfortable with everyone. Never complained. Thank you for making her experience so great!" – Lisa S., Loveland

"How friendly and caring everyone is. When they gave instructions, it was never in a mean manner." – Tammy F., Loveland

"The staff, the positive energy every single time I came in." – Ahriah S., Fort Collins

"I really appreciated it when Dr. Sherick gave Tanner biblical advice. Everyone has been exceptionally friendly, patient, entertaining." – Leona L., Estes Park

"I love the way my child is treated and made to feel comfortable. She's very shy and quiet, but the doctor seems to make her smile and laugh." – Lori M., Estes Park

"Your entire staff always made me feel welcomed, and they have a caring attitude. Combined with the expertise and great skills, your welcoming, caring, comical attitude made my journey with braces enjoyable!" – Lorna H., Loveland

"I love how the patient (teenager) is held responsible in the "contract" stages. It's great how the staff addresses my son and treats him like a young adult. This has actually been a learning and growth opportunity for him and not just a great smile created!” – Jen F., Fort Collins

"Friendly, understanding, clean, organized! Couldn't pick one best! Made the whole process of braces very easy to navigate from the parent side! You are all just very understanding and accommodating when we needed it. Thank you so much!" – Keri V., Estes Park

"We have had an amazing journey with you all! We wouldn't change anything! Everyone has been wonderful every visit. We checked out other offices and knew this was the place from meeting with Shannon! We love and thank you all for a great experience!” – Becky P., Fort Collins

"Your staff! Terri, Karen and all of the staff in the back (Shannon and crew), and of course Dr. Sherick, are wonderful. Every time I come to an appointment, it is like a reunion with friends. Customer service is EXCELLENT! You could train other businesses on this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" – Betsy T., Estes Park

"You've built an environment that we look forward to coming to every month. From the office to the staff, we always feel welcomed. Thank you." – Kevin B., Fort Collins

"The people ~ everyone is in good spirits and adds appropriate humor when it's needed. They are compassionate and have a great rapport with the kids, which can be especially challenging with teenagers. They are friendly and professional; everyone cooperates beautifully. And did I mention how smart everyone is? Tremendous staff ~ well done!!” – Lisa P-G., Loveland

"The staff is amazing; so warm, friendly and funny. They made each visit a pleasure." – Kari O., Fort Collins

"Loved seeing everyone! Will definitely miss seeing all the bright, shining faces. :( " – Stephanie W., Windsor

"The professionalism and relationship with the staff. The staff are excellent with clients!" – Hattie V., Loveland

"The organization of everything – planning, communication, appointments, clinical area and the friendliness of the staff." – Jenny K., Loveland

"All the staff!" – Debbie O., Loveland

"The friendly atmosphere and the explanations about every step of the process" – Missy L., Brighton

"Dr. Sherick! He sets the tone for the office, both professionally (the kind of people he hires) and personally (we liked knowing that we share similar values and enjoyed his "life-coaching" from the chair)." – Amy G., Fort Collins

"...light-hearted and friendly manner of doctor and all of the staff members. Also liked the ease of the website and the automated appointment reminders. Dr. Sherick is also very good about explaining any questions I have. I love how detail-oriented he is." – Nicki S., Loveland

"I have been very happy with the professionalism of everyone at Dr. S's offices. The best ortho in Northern Colorado by far." – Dan V., Loveland

"The friendly atmosphere. You all went out of your way to make the whole experience more relaxed and less stressful." – Edie S., Loveland

"The friendly composure of the staff can be, and often is, so comforting, especially if we have had a stressed day! Thank you!" – Cande B., Loveland

"Everyone is very friendly; we always looked forward to the next visit.” – Stephanie W., Windsor

"Friendly manner of everyone. My children enjoy Dr. Sherick's "bantering" and joking.” – Debbie S., Loveland

"Friendliness of staff, outstanding ortho care and treatment." – Laura D., Loveland